Big Mike

Big Mike

This is at Betti Stradling Skatepark. I’ve been skating here pretty much as long as I’ve been riding a skateboard. Its not much of a park but its more than some skaters have and it feels sort of like home whenever I’m there. A lot of the dudes I skate with have been skating this park just as long as me. It’s sort of a skateboard family when we all show up for a sesh. This is a photo of “Big Mike” blasting an ollie over the table into the bank. He started off just launching a small gap into the bank and then moving the kicker ramp back about a foot each time until he was launching about an 8 foot gap. Then we decided throwing the table in the middle of the gap would make for a cooler photo haha. I like the weird foggy sunset going on in the background a lot. This was a good skate day at the park. “Skate Betti”


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