Patterns and Film

img054I enjoy film photography as much as I do digital. I actually bought a Canon AE-1 Program for 20 dollars at a pawn shop as is. I had his camera a while before I finally got a DSLR. I had no idea if it worked or would actually take a photo but I was so excited to find out. I brought it home and immediately went online and started looking up things about the camera. I figured out what type of battery to get and then I headed out to the store to buy a battery and some film. I was hoping it would work but I had my doubts since it was sold to me as is and I had pulled it out of a big box full of old camera bodies. To my surprise it was in perfect working order! I got my test roll of film developed and everything came out fine. There is something just really awesome about film. Unlike digital cameras you take a photo and you cant instantly see the results on the LCD screen. It makes you slow down a bit, really think about the shot before you take it because you want it to come out right. Then even when you do finally decide to take the shot, you still have to go through the process of development before you can see if you captured the image you wanted. Its such a great feeling when you pull that film strip out of the tank and you see a roll of images on there. I really enjoy shooting black and white film. One of my favorite things to do is find some sort of pattern like this rock paved walkway I shot. I just like the way it looks in black and white. Always fun to take my AE-1 Program out and about.


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