Skate Sesh

Alright, well the first thing I want to talk about is that I try to keep this blog updated as much as possible. It has been quite a few days since I have had time to edit all the photos I have been taking because I was busy moving back into the dorms at FGCU over the weekend and getting ready for fall semester to start. I finally got a chance in-between all the craziness to edit some photos that I took before I left home to come back to FGCU.

The photos in the gallery below were all taken on Thursday the 15th when I went for my last minute skate sesh before moving on Friday. The weather all day had been awful and even while driving there it was starting to drizzle and I was just hoping it would hold off long enough to get a decent skate in.
Clay(the skateboarder in the shots) and myself were actually the only two people to show up because of the bad weather. We knew we didn’t have long so we got straight to business and began skating the park like it was getting torn down the next day. You never know, its South Florida, you have to take any opportunities to skate when mother nature allows it because it can go weeks at a time with nonstop rain.

Anyways, we were both having a good time skating and the weather was holding up for us so I decided to take my camera out since Clay was ripping. A couple of the tricks he was doing for me to shoot, he had actually never done before. He was getting them all within just a few tries. Just as we were wrapping up a couple last shots, the weather turned on us. It was sort of perfect timing though. Clay and I had both got what we had come for and the session ended on a good note.

If you click on any of the photos below, you can view them all in a full sized gallery. Hope you enjoy!


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