Dunk City!

So today I finished up my first week of Junior year back at FGCU. You might have heard of us. We are the school that shocked the world when our Men’s Basketball Team, ranked a 15 seed in the NCAA March Madness Tournament, made  number 2 seed Georgetown look like a middle school club team in front of a national audience. Not only did we put Georgetown in there place, we went on to make history, beating SDSU in our second tournament game, and becoming the first ever 15 seed team to make it to the sweet 16! We are ready to come back and go even further this year.


(Azul the Eagle)

Every year at the begging of fall semester the school hold a pep rally called Eagle Revolution. Alico Arena was as loud as I think I have ever seen it and unless you showed up early it was standing room only. The amount of energy in the building was insane! We are still feeding of the victories and now treasured memories we made as a school last year. If you thought what we accomplished last year was impressive, you haven’t seen anything yet. We are coming back this year stronger than ever and ready to dominate more schools. If you’re not an eagle..you’re prey!



This guy is the MC at Eagle Revolution every year and its pretty sad that I always forget what his name is haha. Whenever he says it he screams it real loud over the mic and its kinda hard to make out. Anyways, he always does a good job and gets the crowd pumped the whole time


(Dirty Birds!)

The Dirty Birds are FGCU’s student organization that supports all of our sports teams. We get loud, we chant, we get into the other teams head. Our goal is to Protect the Nest anyway we can!


(President Bradshaw)
President Bradshaw is the man! He is FGCU’s third President. The board selected him unanimously on August 25, 2007 and I don’t think I am the first to say it, but he was definitely the right man for the job.


(Eddie Murray)
Eddie Murray was part of our basketball team that made it to the Sweet Sixteen last year. At the pep rally he gave the crowd a reminder of how we got the name dunk city!


(Azul the Eagle)
Come at me bro! The whole school agrees with Azul…come at us..we are ready to show you what it means to be an eagle!


(Basketball Team)
Oh and just in case you forgot we won an ESPY award for best upset. We also are welcoming aboard new Head Coach Joe Dooley. I think everyone is excited to see what he can do this year.


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