Photo Assignment: Observation

This semester I am sitting in on a Digital Photography class. I really wanted to take the class but I wasn’t able to and will not be able to take it because of scheduling/credit hour issues. That’s a whole other story for another time though haha. Anyways James Greco, the professor teaching the class was super nice and did me the favor of letting me sit in as an observer and participate with the class this semester.(Thanks James!!) I am really happy that I got such an opportunity to learn more about photography especially when I thought I wouldn’t get to.

One of the assignments we recently had was about observation. The assignment was to pick an object and put it in the window. We were supposed to observe our object in the window and take photos of it from different angles and at different times of day.


The object I picked to put into the window was this self assisted knife. The point of the assignment was to experiment with different lighting, focal length, aperture settings, shutter speed, and angles. I took about 50 or so different shots of my knife in various different positions and settings and then picked what I thought to be the best 10 for the assignment.


I thought it was a really cool exercise to do. It got my creative juices going and really had me thinking about all kinds of possible ways to shoot my object. If you are looking for a fun and creative photo assignment I highly suggest you try this one.


DSC_2826If you would like to view the rest of the set from the assignment you can head over to my Flickr account. The link is in the sidebar! Hope you like the shots!


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