Mysore Fig Tree

I recently had the opportunity to work with some really great people, for a little over a month now, shooting photos of Estero, Florida and surrounding areas for an upcoming website for the city. (more on that in a future blog post) This post is about one of the places we visited to shoot photos for the website.


This is the Florida State Champion Fiscus Mysorensis or the Mysore Fig Tree. It resides on the corner of Sandy Lane and Broadway Avenue. The Mysore Fig Tree was planted 117 years ago in 1896. It was brought over from Mysore India to the United States. At the time it was a custom to plant unusual plants or trees to mark property lines which is why the tree is on the corner of the lot.


The tree really is massive and it can be hard to tell how big it really is just by looking at photos. The tree is over 93 feet tall, its branches spread out more than 130 feet, and its circumference is about 40 feet. One of the coolest things about the monstrous fig tree is its roots which have grown up to 6 feet above the ground and spread out in all directions for 10 to 20 sometimes even 30 feet.


Now here is one of the most interesting parts. If you go visit the Mysore Fig Tree you will find that the property owners who maintain the tree have created a small shop where you can buy nic nacs having to do with the tree and even buy some awesome home made jelly that is made with the figs from the tree. If you visit you can try a taste of the jelly for free. I encourage you to try was delicious. All of the proceeds from the shop go to maintaining the massive tree which is almost a full time job.

DSC_0943If you are in the Ft Myers, Estero area you should drop by and see it for yourself!


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