Bokeh Photoshoot with Bianca


This post is about another photo assignment we had in digital photography class. The assignment was to creatively use the bokeh technique by having it interact with your subject. Bokeh is a Japanese word and it basically refers to the aesthetic quality of the blur in the out of focus area of the photo. This shoot wound up being one of the more frustrating things I have tried to do. I decided that I wanted my subject to be a person and I had no idea how difficult it would be before I actually tried shooting photos. One of my good friends, Bianca, agreed to model for me and I have to hand it to her because it was a painfully tedious shoot haha.(Thanks again Bianca!) The first night we tried to shoot I came to find out that my living room actually wasn’t big enough for the shoot because when trying to get the bokeh affect you have to zoom in pretty much all the way if you are using a zoom lens so you can get shallower depth of field. I was backed up against the wall and I could barely fit a smidge of Bianca in the frame. So the first night was a bust but we were going to try again the next night at Bianca’s apartment because she had way more room than mine. Even with about another 20 feet of room it was still really difficult to get the shots I wanted because I had to zoom in all the way. After fighting with Christmas lights and push pins on the wall for an hour or two I got a few shots that I am happy with.



I really wanted to get full body shots as well as close ups but I just didn’t have enough room to back up far enough. It would be cool to try this again sometime with maybe a 35mm prime lens.



This one is my favorite out of the whole set

DSC_3861It was a super exhausting task to get these shots but I’m glad they worked out. The effort was definitely worth the reward. I will have to try and do another shoot similar to this soon.