Photoshoot with Carol

I have been on a bit of a hiatus recently. I got super busy with school and work and then I got really sick so it didn’t leave me much time for writing posts. Now that I have a little free time and I’m not sick in’s post time!




Earlier in the week we had a model shoot in photography class with volunteer model, Carol. Once again it was pretty challenging to get the shot you were looking for since it was about 15 to 20 of us all working with one model. It all worked out good though and it seemed like everyone was able to get what they were looking for.





This time around we basically were the ones posing and interacting with the model unlike the photoshoot earlier in the year that we did with Mike Owen. Carol was a great model to work with! She has really great positive energy, you could tell she was excited for the shoot and I think that got all of us excited too. Carol was easy to work with because she was super into the shoot. We had some of our own ideas and Carol had a bunch of good ideas as well. Throughout the shoot she would just try things too see if it worked or not and I liked the fact that she was so open to just going for stuff. It helps when your model enjoys getting creative.








Carol was down for whatever pose we needed and when we asked her to hop into a fountain she didn’t hesitate for a second. I think she had her shoes off before we finished asking her haha. Like I said…it helps to have a model that isn’t afraid to get a little out of the box to get some really good shots. You have to do what you got to do sometimes and not everyone is always ready to hop into a fountain.





This shoot was a lot of fun to do. I think we all got in good practice of all the things we learned when we were with Mike Owen earlier in the year. Carol did an awesome job as a model. She made the whole process a lot easier and fun with her outgoing attitude and by being up for anything.





Hope you enjoyed the photos!


Photoshoot with Sammie



Last week I headed back to Koreshan Park to do a photoshoot. My friend Sammie volunteered to model for me. (Thanks Sammie!) While at Koreshan Park with photography class the week before I saw a couple places I wanted to take photos at but I never got the chance to have the model pose at those spots before I had to run and go to work. Also I wanted to practice some of the things I had learned on the trip with photo class that guest speaker Mike Owen taught us.




I wanted to practice working with a model and posing a model because it is actually way harder than it sounds. You have an idea in your head how you want them to move and how you want the shot to look but it can be hard to explain to the model what you are thinking. Practice makes perfect though…The more you get out there and actually shoot photos and work on things like learning how to pose models the easier it all becomes.





I really need to invest in getting some reflectors. When I was at Koreshan with photo class we were using them a lot to create even lighting or to block the sun a bit because it was really bright out. It was the same situation when Sammie and I went last week. It was super bright and finding even lighting was a bit of a challenge.





It was a really fun day and it was a painless photoshoot. Sammie did a great job modeling and she was super easy to work with. It was funny because as soon as I started posing her for each shot it was like she figured out what I was going for and before I finished telling her how I wanted her to pose, she would pose the way I wanted and say “You mean like this?” haha I don’t know if she realized it but I did and I found it pretty comical.






It was a good day and a great shoot. I hadn’t seen Sammie for a while before we did the shoot and it was nice to catch up a bit and hang out while we got the photos. Hope everyone likes the photos as much as I do!

Koreshan Park with Photo Class


On Monday, October 15th, FGCU Digital Photography class took a field trip to Koreshan State Historic Site. It is a really cool place with an interesting history. It is also a great place for photo shoots. Tons of different buildings, trees, lighting, landscapes, and anything else your heart desires. Guest speaker and professional photography Mike Owen did a hands on workshop for all of us with the help of volunteer model Aastha.


The first thing Mike went over was what sort of gear he would bring to a shoot like this and why you would need it. Everything from reflectors, flashes, extra batteries, and a variety of lenses. Some of it a tad bit expensive for a college student but he also gave us ideas for great alternatives to some of the gear that was more than doable on a college budget.


After a quick overview of what sort of gear we should bring, Mike got straight into it and began showing us techniques for interacting with clients while shooting to make sure you get the shot you need and how make it a fun experience for you and the client. One of the most important things is to make whoever you are taking photos of feel comfortable and relaxed. If they are feeling uncomfortable you will probably see that uncomfortable feeling come through in the shots and that wont make for very good looking photos.


Koreshan Park is full of all kinds of different lighting scenarios so it was a really good place to practice. We also practiced with reflectors to create fill light or to diffuse some of the sunlight in the brighter areas with less overhangs.


Mike gave us a lot of tips on how to pose models. It sometimes can be hard to explain how you want someone to move. As Mike demonstrated sometimes the best way to explain to someone what to do is to just show them. Do the pose yourself so that your model can see what you are going for.


It was a great afternoon and I learned a lot from listening to what Mike was saying and then attempting to try what he was saying right away by shooting photos of Aastah. I am happy with the way my photos came out especially since there was 20 plus of us in the class all shooting the same model at the same time haha! It was sort of a race to get the best angle.

If you want to see the rest of the photo set you can head over to my Flickr page. The link is on the sidebar to the left. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Bokeh Photoshoot with Bianca


This post is about another photo assignment we had in digital photography class. The assignment was to creatively use the bokeh technique by having it interact with your subject. Bokeh is a Japanese word and it basically refers to the aesthetic quality of the blur in the out of focus area of the photo. This shoot wound up being one of the more frustrating things I have tried to do. I decided that I wanted my subject to be a person and I had no idea how difficult it would be before I actually tried shooting photos. One of my good friends, Bianca, agreed to model for me and I have to hand it to her because it was a painfully tedious shoot haha.(Thanks again Bianca!) The first night we tried to shoot I came to find out that my living room actually wasn’t big enough for the shoot because when trying to get the bokeh affect you have to zoom in pretty much all the way if you are using a zoom lens so you can get shallower depth of field. I was backed up against the wall and I could barely fit a smidge of Bianca in the frame. So the first night was a bust but we were going to try again the next night at Bianca’s apartment because she had way more room than mine. Even with about another 20 feet of room it was still really difficult to get the shots I wanted because I had to zoom in all the way. After fighting with Christmas lights and push pins on the wall for an hour or two I got a few shots that I am happy with.



I really wanted to get full body shots as well as close ups but I just didn’t have enough room to back up far enough. It would be cool to try this again sometime with maybe a 35mm prime lens.



This one is my favorite out of the whole set

DSC_3861It was a super exhausting task to get these shots but I’m glad they worked out. The effort was definitely worth the reward. I will have to try and do another shoot similar to this soon.

Photo Assignment: Observation

This semester I am sitting in on a Digital Photography class. I really wanted to take the class but I wasn’t able to and will not be able to take it because of scheduling/credit hour issues. That’s a whole other story for another time though haha. Anyways James Greco, the professor teaching the class was super nice and did me the favor of letting me sit in as an observer and participate with the class this semester.(Thanks James!!) I am really happy that I got such an opportunity to learn more about photography especially when I thought I wouldn’t get to.

One of the assignments we recently had was about observation. The assignment was to pick an object and put it in the window. We were supposed to observe our object in the window and take photos of it from different angles and at different times of day.


The object I picked to put into the window was this self assisted knife. The point of the assignment was to experiment with different lighting, focal length, aperture settings, shutter speed, and angles. I took about 50 or so different shots of my knife in various different positions and settings and then picked what I thought to be the best 10 for the assignment.


I thought it was a really cool exercise to do. It got my creative juices going and really had me thinking about all kinds of possible ways to shoot my object. If you are looking for a fun and creative photo assignment I highly suggest you try this one.


DSC_2826If you would like to view the rest of the set from the assignment you can head over to my Flickr account. The link is in the sidebar! Hope you like the shots!

FGCU Veterans Pavilion Dedication


On September 6th 2013 Florida Gulf Coast University held a dedication ceremony for the newly completed Veterans Pavilion that sits on the Library Lawn.


The Pavilion is a product of a three year effort by FGCU’s Student Government. The purpose of the Veterans Pavilion is to honor students, faculty and staff who have served in the military as well as honoring all of the veterans who have served.




Member of the state Board of Governors, former chair of the FGCU Board of Trustees, and former Army captain Ed Morton spoke about the Revolutionary War and the sacrifices that were made so that we could have the freedoms we have today.

Chasing Butterflies

This post is really really past due since the photos I took for it have been edited and sitting on my laptop for forever now haha. Sometimes you just get super busy and there isn’t time to make a proper post. That being said, now that I have had a few moments to myself I can actually sit down and write what I would like to.

About a week ago I noticed this bush at the bus loop on FGCU’s campus. It has these green stem looking things with blueish purple flowers all over, up and down the stems. I think it looks really cool so after class I went back to my dorm, grabbed my camera, and then headed back to campus so I could get a couple shots.



I have no clue what kind of plant this is so if you do feel free to comment and let me know haha!



After only about 2 minutes of shooting the plant I realized that the bush was a hangout spot for at least 20 or so giant furry bumblebees that were the size of peanuts! I was worried at first but they didn’t seem to mind me being all up in their business trying to get some photos. I tried to get some shots of the bees, but they weren’t really cooperating with me.

After getting over the fear of being stung by the camera shy bees, I spotted a butterfly floating around the bush as well. The butterfly was cooperating with me more than the bees were so I was able to get a few shots, but man did I have to work for it. The butterfly kept going around the bush in circles only stopping for fractions of a second on the green stems every once in a while. This was giving me an extremely small window of opportunity to get a good shot of the butterfly. Also my auto focus was giving me issues because it had to many things it was trying to focus on since the butterfly wouldn’t hold still. As I was running around this bush chasing the butterfly I was manually focusing and refocusing because the butterfly would move out of focus. I have a great collection of blurry butterfly pictures now but it was worth it to get the few shots that I did.



I only shot photos of the bush and the butterfly for about 45 minutes but I was exhausted and I probably needed a shower. It was 97 degrees out and I was chasing a butterfly around a bush, you would be hot and exhausted too haha.


Once again, just like the bush, I have no idea what kind of butterfly this is, so if you do, don’t be afraid to leave a comment and let me know.
Enjoy the photos!

Dunk City!

So today I finished up my first week of Junior year back at FGCU. You might have heard of us. We are the school that shocked the world when our Men’s Basketball Team, ranked a 15 seed in the NCAA March Madness Tournament, made ┬ánumber 2 seed Georgetown look like a middle school club team in front of a national audience. Not only did we put Georgetown in there place, we went on to make history, beating SDSU in our second tournament game, and becoming the first ever 15 seed team to make it to the sweet 16! We are ready to come back and go even further this year.


(Azul the Eagle)

Every year at the begging of fall semester the school hold a pep rally called Eagle Revolution. Alico Arena was as loud as I think I have ever seen it and unless you showed up early it was standing room only. The amount of energy in the building was insane! We are still feeding of the victories and now treasured memories we made as a school last year. If you thought what we accomplished last year was impressive, you haven’t seen anything yet. We are coming back this year stronger than ever and ready to dominate more schools. If you’re not an’re prey!



This guy is the MC at Eagle Revolution every year and its pretty sad that I always forget what his name is haha. Whenever he says it he screams it real loud over the mic and its kinda hard to make out. Anyways, he always does a good job and gets the crowd pumped the whole time


(Dirty Birds!)

The Dirty Birds are FGCU’s student organization that supports all of our sports teams. We get loud, we chant, we get into the other teams head. Our goal is to Protect the Nest anyway we can!


(President Bradshaw)
President Bradshaw is the man! He is FGCU’s third President. The board selected him unanimously on August 25, 2007 and I don’t think I am the first to say it, but he was definitely the right man for the job.


(Eddie Murray)
Eddie Murray was part of our basketball team that made it to the Sweet Sixteen last year. At the pep rally he gave the crowd a reminder of how we got the name dunk city!


(Azul the Eagle)
Come at me bro! The whole school agrees with Azul…come at us..we are ready to show you what it means to be an eagle!


(Basketball Team)
Oh and just in case you forgot we won an ESPY award for best upset. We also are welcoming aboard new Head Coach Joe Dooley. I think everyone is excited to see what he can do this year.

Patterns and Film

img054I enjoy film photography as much as I do digital. I actually bought a Canon AE-1 Program for 20 dollars at a pawn shop as is. I had his camera a while before I finally got a DSLR. I had no idea if it worked or would actually take a photo but I was so excited to find out. I brought it home and immediately went online and started looking up things about the camera. I figured out what type of battery to get and then I headed out to the store to buy a battery and some film. I was hoping it would work but I had my doubts since it was sold to me as is and I had pulled it out of a big box full of old camera bodies. To my surprise it was in perfect working order! I got my test roll of film developed and everything came out fine. There is something just really awesome about film. Unlike digital cameras you take a photo and you cant instantly see the results on the LCD screen. It makes you slow down a bit, really think about the shot before you take it because you want it to come out right. Then even when you do finally decide to take the shot, you still have to go through the process of development before you can see if you captured the image you wanted. Its such a great feeling when you pull that film strip out of the tank and you see a roll of images on there. I really enjoy shooting black and white film. One of my favorite things to do is find some sort of pattern like this rock paved walkway I shot. I just like the way it looks in black and white. Always fun to take my AE-1 Program out and about.

College Sunset

College Sunset

In about 2 weeks it will be time to head back to FGCU for fall 2013. I took this photo just outside my dorm right after a really bad storm. Fort Myers always has some crazy colored sunsets. Looking forward to getting back to campus soon!